Living Solo

Life has been kind of hectic lately, which is why I haven’t been posting much. I’ve now stopped living with my dad and am living the solo life~ (No worries, we didn’t have a fight or anything… It was more for convenience reasons.) It’s a little lonely and a lot exciting.

Rest assured, as soon as I get settled in and finish unpacking (an activity that seems to be never-ending, ack), I’ll be posting some stuff that has been floating around in my mind.

Planned future posts:

  1. Alberta Oil Sands
  2. List of Entry-Level Business Jobs
  3. Anime Recs
  4. Another Stock Analysis (which one exactly is yet to be decided :P)

My Dream Life

My Dream Life

I’m president of a writing club and this week, we did a fun descriptive exercise. Basically, we closed our eyes, envisioned a scene, described it in as much detail as we could, and had another person draw it. Mine ended up being a vision of my dream life. It’s kind of hilarious, and I love it!

For clarification, I’m the one on the right… opposite my British butler! In this world, I’m a published author (see my book on the left) and own a Tesla car (in back).

Hopefully one day I can look back on this and say, “been there, done that”, haha.

P.S. Don’t ask about the cow. Just don’t.

TV Show Recommendation: Alphas

I recently finished season 2 of Alphas and am filled to the brim with a) my love for it, and b) frustration at the ending. Still, ending aside, this brilliant show deserves more viewers, so here’s my attempt at converting all of you to Alphas fans!

General synopsis: The world is filled with two types of people, regular people and Alphas – those with special abilities (e.g. super strength, mind control, etc.). Most of society doesn’t know about Alphas, which poses a problem, as sometimes these individuals use their powers for less-than-legal reasons. Therefore, the government put together a team of Alphas, led by Dr. Lee Rosen (actor: David Strathairn) in order to catch Alpha criminals and keep the existence of Alphas a secret.

What makes this show special:

1) Characters that are profoundly human… even if they are Alphas.

Over the course of the TV show, the characters truly grow on you (yes, even the bad guys, sometimes). Each of them have unique ways of seeing/using their powers, as well as a life outside of “the team”, which makes them 3 dimensional. Also, this show has one of my favourite characters – Gary Bell (actor: Ryan Cartwright) – an autistic young adult on Dr. Rosen’s team who has the ability to see different frequencies, allowing him to see radio waves, TV channels, and security footage. The character is so inspirational.

2) Large variety of science-backed superpowers!

There are many superpowers in the show that I had never heard of before, but once they were explained, I could see them as feasible. This is in contrast to a lot of other superpower shows that never explain what the powers are or how humans can accomplish it. It is also refreshing to see the logical side effects of some of these incredible feats.

3) Lack of plot holes!

As far as I could tell! And even though I will still enjoy a good show with plot holes, a good show without is just icing on the cake.

Available on Netflix now.